World Bioeconomy Forum 2018

11. September 2018 – Thursday all-day
Ruka, Finnland
Rukatunturintie 9
93825 Ruka
  1. Biostrategies are evolving
  2. Forests role mitigating climate change
  3. Evolving value chains based on bio-feedstock
  4. Bioeconomy – mitigating losses
  5. In the middle of the forest – tourism and forest industry head to head

Themes will be covered in panel sessions.

Besides panel sessions there is practical field trip to Finnish boreal forest to see in practise – how wood is harvested and how forests are renewed. This has been a practice in Finland for decades resulting all time high growth rates and most healthy forests among boreal zone.

For the participants there will open invitation to participant for the dialog. During the days participants are able to communicate joint manifest proposal in the small Groups.

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