BioEconomy e.V. – at a glance

BioEconomy e.V. bundles the interests of the cluster’s members and forms a legal platform for the organising and financing of joint activities, in particular, capital resources for the management of the cluster. It was founded on 18 October 2012 and began its activities shortly thereafter.

The vision of the cluster and the association BioEconomy e.V. is to develop the cluster region of Central Germany into an international model region for bioeconomics through the successful material, chemical and energetic use of wood and other non-food biomass as part of effective coupled production and cascade utilisation processes. The association is directed at all companies and organisations that want to participate and contribute to creating new value chains and economic development potentials.

The Association’s structure

The Association’s General Assembly elects the Executive Board and makes fundamental decisions for the cluster through its resolution on strategy and the establishment of membership fees.

The Executive Board acts as a central steering committee and makes fundamental decisions on the composition of the cluster’s R&D project portfolio and the implementation of the strategy passed by its members. It consists of 11 people and strives to reflect in its make-up the many different interests and partner structures of science and of the businesses participating in the cluster from various sectors.



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