Chemistry meets the timber industry – the BioEconomy Cluster

The BioEconomy Cluster is an association made up of companies, research institutes and educational institutions that work in close partnership to build the foundations of a bio-based economy. Their aim is to promote the material and energetic use of biomass in the form of innovative processes used in the production of materials, platform chemicals, products and energy carriers on the basis of renewable non-food resources like beech wood. On the scale of a regional centre of competency – the Central Germany Cluster Region – value chains are expanded and sustainably and efficiently optimised through coupled production and cascade utilisation of waste materials.

The aim is to create a bioeconomy model region for Germany and Europe. The cluster region provides excellent conditions as an established chemical location and timber region.

Currently more than 75 companies, research institutes and educational institutions are organised within the BioEconomy Cluster (Cluster members A-Z). In 2012 the cluster was one of the winners of the Leading Edge Cluster Competition held by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Currently intensive work is being conducted as part of 44 collaborative research projects and about 144 subprojects. By 2017 as much as 80 million euros will have been put towards conducting research and implementing the bioeconomy as part of the funding of Leading Edge Clusters (50% of this coming from industry).

Beyond its regional focus, the BioEconomy Cluster is also connected with decision-makers from relevant industries and represents its members throughout Europe.



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