Strategic core competencies of the BioEconomy Cluster

The core competencies of the BioEconomy Cluster are the result of its broad range of industries and the corresponding technology and problem-solving competencies of its members. The future bioeconomics sector is made up of all of the economic sectors that produce, process or sustainably use biological resources and therefore includes a variety of industries. The BioEconomy Cluster integrates pre-existing cluster structures in the region such as the Cluster “Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany”, the Wood Cluster “Rottleberode”, the Energy and Environment Cluster in Leipzig with its network BioEnergy and the network surrounding the Fraunhofer Centre for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes (CBP) in Leuna. Added to this are various branches of the chemical industry, the plastics and plastic processing industry, the paper and pulp industry, machine and plant engineering for processing industries, and renowned research institutions from all related sectors.

The core technological competencies of the leading edge cluster are the development, up-scaling and application of innovative technological processes for the sustainable use of bio-based raw materials from the non-food sector. These are used to produce high-value products for various industrial sectors. The Wood Cluster “Rottleberode” provides the crucial technological competency needed to supply and process wood as a raw material and to mechanically recycle it. The companies at the chemical site in Leuna and the Fraunhofer partners IAP, PAZ and IWMH are competent in the further processing of basic chemicals. The competency for energy recovery of residual waste streams is covered by DBFZ Leipzig and other partners from the BioEnergy Network Leipzig. The material flows are monitored by UFZ Leipzig.


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