Vision and strategy of the BioEconomy Cluster

The vision of the BioEconomy Cluster is to establish the world’s first bioeconomy on a regional scale. With this goal in mind, the cluster’s strategy is to develop the region’s economy in the context of a bioeconomy and to create new impulses for growth.

Its aim is to balance the material and energetic use of biomass. This can be achieved using the scarce resource of biomass in the most intelligent and mutually beneficial way. The focus of the leading edge cluster is on biomass that is not needed for the food and feed industries. In practice this means cleverly cascading utilisation and re-connecting strong industries in the region like forestry, timber processing, the chemical and plastics industries, and bioenergy.

The BioEconomy Cluster strengthens existing companies and lays the foundations for new companies. At the same time the region’s pool of qualified employees is mobilised and developed for the bioeconomy. New specialised personnel are attracted to the region. The result is a region with a long-term competitive edge. The successful implementation of this strategy leads to an improvement in the global competitive position in the region, Germany and Europe.


Jul 8 Mon
all-day BIO World Congress in Industrial Biotechnology 2019 @ Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IOWA, USA
BIO World Congress in Industrial… @ Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IOWA, USA
Jul 8 – Thursday all-day
This two-day conference aims to bring together key advanced biofuels and  materials stakeholders for forum discussions and networking, including leaders from advanced generation biofuels companies [...]

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