Cluster management

Cluster management

The main task in managing the BioEconomy Cluster is to promote the implementation and development of the joint strategy as established by the cluster’s partners. Management objectives are directly derived from the pursuit of sustainably developing the BioEconomy Cluster.

 Mission Statement of the BioEconomy Cluster:

“Medium-term implementation of the bioeconomy in Central Germany through the establishment and management of a cross-sector, interdisciplinary network to develop and commercialise innovative, bioeconomically manufactured products, which are tailored to the needs of the market, as well as their corresponding technologies and services”

The tasks include

  • Outwardly representing the cluster
  • Establishing and maintaining a network between existing and new members of the cluster
  • Managing and supporting the development of the cluster and the settlement and establishment of companies
  • Performing public relations work and marketing the cluster
  • Organizing events
  • Monitoring the cluster’s objectives
  • Managing the strategy development processes
  • Scouting out and benchmarking technology on the international market
  • Managing and monitoring the project portfolio and reporting system
  • Coordinating education and training

Cluster management is the “trust centre” and sparring partner for all of the cluster’s partners. This enables it to connect partners and establish new contacts. As a neutral third party it is independent of specific cluster partners and ensures things like sensitive data are dealt with in a confidential manner in the context of the cluster statistics required by the Leading Edge Cluster Competition.

The cluster is managed by:

BCM BioEconomy Cluster Management GmbH
Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Matthias Zscheile

Bluecherstr. 26
06120 Halle

Phone: +49 345/ 1314 2730
Fax: +49 345/ 1314 2729


Jul 8 Mon
all-day BIO World Congress in Industrial Biotechnology 2019 @ Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IOWA, USA
BIO World Congress in Industrial… @ Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IOWA, USA
Jul 8 – Thursday all-day
This two-day conference aims to bring together key advanced biofuels and  materials stakeholders for forum discussions and networking, including leaders from advanced generation biofuels companies [...]

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